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Charmed Season Nine is a fan made series, following on from the last season of Charmed.


After the events of season eight, Piper Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews are beginning to get their lives back on track and settle back into their witchy ways, fighting one demonic creature at a time. Unfortunately for them, a new evil is lurking beyond the horizon and, like most demons, they are drawn to the Charmed Ones.


New Evil[]

The faction of demons are known as the Nightmarchers, a large pack of demons who feed on the good of other magical creatures. Good witches are somewhat of a delicacy to the Nightmarchers, as they have no bad intentions, and so they are made fully of good. During the feeding of a witch, the witch is split into two parts, a good side and a bad side. Once the good side has been eaten, the bad side is used to join the Nightmarchers army and to find more food and army.

Episode List[]

  • 9x01 Coming Soon
  • 9x02 Coming Soon
  • 9x03 Coming Soon
  • 9x04 Coming Soon
  • 9x05 Coming Soon
  • 9x06 Coming Soon
  • 9x07 Coming Soon
  • 9x08 Coming Soon
  • 9x09 Coming Soon
  • 9x10 Coming Soon
  • 9x11 Coming Soon
  • 9x12 Coming Soon
  • 9x13 Coming Soon
  • 9x14 Coming Soon
  • 9x15 Coming Soon
  • 9x16 Coming Soon
  • 9x17 Coming Soon
  • 9x18 Coming Soon
  • 9x19 Coming Soon
  • 9x20 Coming Soon
  • 9x21 Coming Soon
  • 9x22 Coming Soon
  • 9x23 Coming Soon