Evil wyatt

Wyatt producing an Energy Ball

The ability to create energy balls is an offensive power used by many demons, and even some witches and warlocks. The user can form balls of electric-looking energy in their hand, and throw them at target with varying levels of intensity. They can also dissipate the energy ball while still in their hand.

Inspector Rodriguez is the first evil being the Charmed Ones encounter with this power, but Belthazor also possesses it, as do several other demons such as Zotars, a breed of demonic bounty hunter. Later in the series, some witches are shown to possess this power, notably the morally ambiguous Montana and Callaway families, Bianca and other Phoenix witches. While usually blue, some demons - notably Keats, have shown to create red energy balls. Energy balls appear to be able to be reflected using mirrors, as seen when Cole tries to commit suicide, he throws an energy ball at a mirror, which rebounds and hits him, setting him on fire.