Phoenix Constance Halliwell
Vital statistics
nationality: American
Species: Human
Magical Classification: Celestial Witch
Gender: Female
Birthdate: February 12, 1992
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Sister(s): Penelope Halliwell (Oldest)
Magical Powers
Magical Powers (Basic): Celestial Pyrokinesis (Celestial Halo Fire)
Other Information
Affiliations: Celestial 5

Phoenix Halliwell is the youngest sister of the Celestial 5 an Interdimensional version of the Halliwell sisters also known as the Charmed Ones.

Biography Edit

Phoenix Constance Halliwell's birth was the most unusual of all of the 5 Halliwell sisters due to the fact that in a technical sense Phoenix was not entirely born as their actual sister but more so in a way like their actual daughter.

Infancy Edit

When a powerful force known as the Black a mystic being neither truly good or evil was attempting to either destroy or inslave all magical forces around the world in a paranoid belief that all paranormal beings are trying to vanquish her. The other 4 Halliwell sisters who knew that without the power of 5 all magic and even all of humanity could be destroyed without their help. Unfortunatley their mother had died before a 5th sister could be born, so in secret within a unknown pocket universe created by the sisters themselves each of the 4 sisters in a Bio-Generation Ceremony gave a part of their genetic material along with an extra magical part of each of themselves.